Why Shop Local?

Let’s look at the life cycle of a locally made product –

Here’s an example from ZI:

Idea – sketch – sourcing raw material from fair trade markets – individually embroidering beads on fabric – sampling – trial and error – product is born.

Now let’s look back at each step and how you’re supporting a #LocalBusiness.

The artist who conceptualised the design. The local raw material manufacturer, the store owner. The artisans working on the piece, the metalsmith who makes the fittings. The local packaging unit. The photographer. The courier persons. There are so many people you enable every time you #ShopLocal.

Not to forget, the transparency in processes, uniqueness in design, safer environmental practices, and assurance of a quality product.

Know that for every creator-led #HomegrownLabel out there, money sure is the end goal, but it’s not the motive.